Paragard® IUC (intrauterine copper contraceptive) is a T-shaped piece of soft, flexible plastic that is wrapped with copper and designed to fit comfortably in the uterus. You’ll never even know it’s there.

Advantages of Paragard

Paragard is:

  • Convenient: It starts working as soon as it is inserted and continues to prevent pregnancy for up to 10 years. If you change your mind about having a baby, just have your provider remove it.
  • Effective – It is 99.4% effective, which is just effective as having your tubes tied, only without the surgery. Plus, Paragard is reversible, so you’re free to change your mind.
  • Hormone-free – You don’t have to worry about the side effects of hormones, and for women who don’t want them or can’t use them for health reasons, Paragard makes a terrific option.
  • Safe – The FDA has approved it, and millions of women worldwide use it successfully.

Note: Paragard does not prevent the implantation of an embryo; however studies show that there is less chance of fertilization with an IUD than with birth control pills.

Paragard works continually without having to worry about taking a pill or changing a patch. And it maintains its efficacy for up to 10 years or until you have it removed by your provider.

Paragard is a great birth control option, but it’s not for every woman. Talk to your provider at Cheyenne Women’s Clinic if you’re interested in learning more about Paragard and to determine if it’s the right option for you. You can also visit the Paragard website.

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