Foods to Eat and Avoid

Foods to Eat and Avoid During Pregnancy

The best way to learn which foods you should eat during pregnancy and how much is to create a custom My Plate Plan at

The program will tell you how many calories you should consume during each trimester based on your height, weight, and activity level, and give you a breakdown of how much of each of the main food groups to eat to get those calories.

Food Groups

The five main food groups are:

Oils and fats are not included in a food group, but they provide important nutrients. They give you energy, plus they help to build your baby’s organs and the placenta. Most oils and fats in your diet should come from plant sources rather than animal sources.

Vitamins and Nutrients

A well-rounded diet following the My Plate guidelines should help you get most of the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy and help ensure your baby is healthy. Your provider will also recommend a prenatal vitamin supplement to help you get the extra folic acid and iron your body needs when you are pregnant.

Important nutrients to make sure you are getting enough of during pregnancy include:

photo of a bowl of vegetables, healthy foods to eat while pregnant
photo of salmon, healthy food to eat while pregnant

What to Avoid During Pregnancy

If you have any questions about what to eat or what to avoid while you are pregnant, ask your doctor.

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