Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids are growths that develop from the muscle tissue of the uterus. The technical name for a fibroid is leiomyoma, or myoma for short. Fibroids have different classifications depending on where in the uterus they are growing:

Fibroids aren’t associated with an increased risk of cancer and almost never develop into cancer, but they can cause a host of uncomfortable symptoms.

Fibroids may also have no symptoms at all. You may not even know you have them unless your provider notices them during a pelvic exam or you have tests related to other problems.

Diagnosing Fibroids

If your provider suspects you may have fibroids, there are a number of different tests he or she may use to confirm the diagnosis, such as:

Treating Fibroids

If your fibroids are small, if they aren’t causing any symptoms or discomfort, or if you are nearing menopause, you may not need treatment. If you and your provider decide your fibroids should be treated, the options are to treat the symptoms or remove the fibroids.

Treating the Symptoms:


If you have the symptoms of uterine fibroids, make an appointment to see your provider. Call us at 307.637.7700. He or she will confirm the diagnosis and work with you to determine the best treatment.

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