Planning for a Baby

If you are planning for a baby, see a doctor or PA at Cheyenne Women’s Clinic to help make sure your pregnancy gets off to the right start.

At an appointment prior to conception, our primary goals are to:

  1. Identify potential risks to the mother, the baby, or both during the pregnancy.
  2. Help the mother and her partner understand these risks and the interventions or treatments available that may reduce them. If a treatment or intervention is necessary, we can get started.

Genetic Testing/Carrier Screening

If there is a possibility of an increased risk of a genetic disorder based on either of the parent’s medical or family history that we can test for prior to conception, we can offer preconception genetic counseling or testing. This may involve studying your family health history, physical exams for both parents, and carrier screening that may show if you carry a gene for an inherited disorder.

With this information, we can assess your baby’s potential for having a problem and talk with you about your options or any concerns you may have.

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