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cheyenne womens clinic team of physicians

Rene Hinkle, MD and Jeff Storey, MD are the founding physicians of Cheyenne Women’s Clinic, which opened in 2004. Both physicians had already been practicing in the Cheyenne area for many years and had a goal to offer a different approach in OB/GYN care.

Subsequently, the clinic patient list grew exponentially. In order to continue the outstanding care that Dr. Hinkle and Dr. Storey  were determined to provide, more physicians were needed so that focused, individual care could still be provided. Since then Jacques Beveridge, MD, Megan Looby, DO, Melissa Dozier, MD, and Stormie Carter, MD have joined the practice. We also have a physician assistant on staff: Bailey Montgomery, PA-C. Our team of providers and staff at Cheyenne Women’s Clinic are 100% committed to your health and well-being.

One advantage of the Cheyenne Women’s Clinic that sets us apart from other offices is our number of board-certified physicians on staff. You see your doctor or PA at every appointment, enabling you to develop a close, trusted relationship with him or her. Your provider will perform the ultrasound the first time you can count ten fingers and toes (or twenty, or thirty…). Your provider will perform or be involved with the surgery or procedure when your situation requires it. And he or she will be there to provide medical and emotional support whenever you need it.

Another benefit is the number of procedures that we perform right in our office rather than requiring you to go to a surgery center or hospital. These procedures include colposcopy for evaluating abnormal Pap test results, DEXA scans, 3D and 4D ultrasounds, and more.

Even if your procedure requires a specialized facility, your doctor will be there to perform it. Pelvic prolapse and vaginal reconstruction, hysterectomies (both in-patient and out-patient), and other similar procedures are better performed in a surgical environment; however, all of the pre-op and post-op care takes place at our office.

Our team of providers are specifically trained to provide premier obstetric and gynecological care across the spectrum. If you are looking for a women’s care provider, we invite you to stop by our office and meet our team to learn about what we offer.

Meet Our Team of Providers

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