Tubal Reversal

Did you have your tubes tied and now want to become pregnant? Get a tubal reversal.

A tubal reversal is a surgical procedure that reconnects the fallopian tubes of women who have undergone a tubal ligation (had their tubes tied) and now want to become pregnant. The procedure is complicated and involves using microscopic instruments and a large operative microscope. It usually takes at least three to four hours and involves an abdominal incision (bikini cut).

Not all women are candidates for this procedure. One of the most important criteria involves how the tubal ligation was done initially and whether or not there is enough functional fallopian tube remaining to successfully reconnect the two ends. This can sometimes be determined with a prior laparoscopy (scope) procedure. Most insurance companies will not cover either of these procedures since it is generally considered elective surgery for infertility.

Anyone interested a tubal reversal is welcome to come in for a consultation where we can discuss all the issues involved. Call us for an appointment: 307.637.7700.

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